Census Updates | Program Management-RB

  1. Click the Employers module
  2. Click the blue arrow next to your Group Name.  (You may need to type your group name in the Search bar and hit Enter on your keyboard)
  3. Select Employee Census in the drop-down that opens when clicking the blue arrow.
  4. Click the blue Update Census button in the upper right corner
  5. Click the blue Download Census button in the upper right
  6. The Census currently in the system will download to your computer as a csv file.  Check your downloads folder if you don't see it in your browser. Always download the census currently in the system to make new updates.
  7. Open the census file just downloaded.  Make any necessary changes.
  8. Save the file to your computer
  9.  Click the blue Continue to Upload button in the bottom right
  10. Click the blue Upload Census button in the top right. Select the file just updated, and click save
  11. Updated data will be highlighted blue or red.  Any records highlighted red have an error.  Fix the error on the csv file, and re-upload. (Changes cannot be made on the change record form right in Admin)
  12. Once all changes look correct, check the authorization box in the bottom right and click Confirm.
  13. If you would like to send invites to new users, select box and click button.

Required Fields:

    • External ID (Column A)
      • An employee ID is recommended for this field.  
      • For spouses, use their spouse’s employee ID with an ‘S’ added to the beginning.  (Ex: Employee’s ID is 765, their spouse’s External ID would be S765)
      • If no employee ID is available, the recommended external ID is 1stInitial+LastName+DOB (ex: jsmith01281956)
      • Once an individual is in the system, DO NOT change the External ID.
    • Last Name (Column B) & First Name (Column D)
      • The name seen in the platform will be identical to what is listed on the census.
    • Employer Group (Column F)
      • Required only if there will be different programs set ups for different groups
    • Plan (Column G)
      • Required only if there will be different incentive amounts for certain groups
    • Email Address (Column H)
      • Each person listed must have a unique email address listed.  This is the unique identifier that allows the account to be set up and secure.  If errors are present, employees may have difficulty setting up their account and receiving communications.
    • Gender (Column I)
    • DOB (Column J)
      • Format as MM/DD/YYYY – This is used to confirm identity if an employee contacts member services.  If this is incorrect on the census, member services may be limited in how they can assist.
    • Hired Date (Column S)
    • Terminated Date (Column T)
      • Required on census updates only, when an individual should no longer have access to Benovate
    • Enrollment Status (Column D)
      • Only those listed as “Active” will have an account generated.


  1. Add new individuals to the 1st empty row. Do not leave empty rows, highlight, bold, etc.
  2. Fill in all required fields.
  3. Mark Enrollment Status as “Active”


  1. DO NOT DELETE drops – For any terminated individual, add a “Terminated Date” and change Enrollment Status to “Inactive”

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