Frequency | Content Element

A Card will remain present within the time fields indicated, until the Member completes the Card (clicks the button).  Once the Member completes the Card, the Frequency will determine when the Card will appear again.

For example:  A card has a frequency of 10 days.  Joe has been using the platform January 1-20.  The card has been present this entire time, but he does not decide to complete the Card (click the button) until January 20.  This starts the frequency on the card, so Joe will not see the card again until the 10th day, on January 30th.  

On January 30th, the Card will then once again appear and remain in their platform until they decide to complete the Card once again, at which time the10 day frequency will kick in again and hide the card until the 10th day roles around again.

Note: If you only want to allow someone to complete the Card once, set an End Date, plus a frequency that is longer than the Start Date to End Date timeframe. 

This is a required field.

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