Photo Feed | Content Element-RB

Turn on this toggle to require a photo be uploaded when a user clicks the button, in order to get credit for completing the activity.

What is the Photo Feed?

Photo sharing allows users to upload a photo to a card and share with other members in their group. Sharing photos helps add a social aspect to the platform, encouraging members to interact with one another and build camaraderie. 

When a user clicks the button on a Social Feed card (identified by the upload icon on the card's button), they will be prompted to share a photo along with adding a description of the photo.  Once posted to the Social Feed, other members in the group can like or comment on the photo. If another member is also eligible to complete the activity, then a button will be available, allowing them to share their own photo. Even those in your group who cannot post will be able to see the photos in the Social Feed.

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