Video Content Screen | Expanded Content Element-RB

Adding a Content Screen allows for additional content that doesn't fit on a Card to be seen in a pop up box right within the platform when a Member clicks on the Card button. One of the expanded Content Screen options is a video.

To add a Video screen:

1. Select +Add Content Screen > Video

2. Find the YouTube video you'd like added.  Currently only YouTube videos are compatible with Benovate.

3. Copy the YouTube ID from the URL on the YouTube video.  The YouTube ID is typically the random letters/numbers/symbols after the = sign in the URL.  


YouTube URL:

YouTube ID: SFcTED35cpE

4. Enter the YouTube ID into the field in Admin. The video will automatically play if entered correctly.

5. Enter Title: This Title is for your reference only. As you add screens, they will show up in the Content module (example shown below), so this helps identify which screen is which should you have multiple. If you have set up multiple, drag and drop the grey screen boxes to Reorder. 

6. If you will have multiple screens, you can toggle on Show Progress to communicate to the Member how many screens they must complete before completing the Card.

7. Add a Button Label - this is the label that will appear on the Content Screen to progress to the next screen or Redeem state, if it is the only/last Content Screen on the Card.

In Platform Video Example:

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